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Brand Coaching

Advice on how to improve your brand and increase value.

Creative Studio

Bespoke videos, podcasts, websites, content and more to get noticed.

Brand Creation

Brand building and rebuilding to increase value and influence in our brandcentric world.

Today, we use brands.

The power of brands over business, investment, politics, people and everyday life has never been greater.

Yet in our brand-centric world, most people are at sea. They don’t know how to build and use a brand, or  they’re stuck with one that just doesn’t work, or doesn’t know how to make a brand that works.

At BrandCentric, we’re here to fix that. And help you take your story to the world.

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Why I do what I do

From founder, Miro Cernetig

I’ve helped create and build brands for founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to raise millions of dollars in investment and become thought leaders. Many companies I’ve worked with have dramatically increased in valuation, in numerous cases to $100M+. They’ve even become unicorns (and I’m working on a few of those now).
Branding is a superpower that anyone can use. My brands have:

  • Helped a company nobody knew about go to a vacation of more than $8 Billion
  • Helped entrepreneurs reach major media such as 60 Minutes, The WSJ, NYT, Globe & Mail, Bloomberg and more
  • Raised tens of millions from investors who embraced the brand
  • Positively changed a company’s or leaders public profile

Proud Projects & Appearances